We’re happy to inform you of yet another opportunity provided by bluebottlebiz to show our appreciation for your support and collaboration. Discovery Paths, the latest product offering in the digital business library, lets you create a personalized collection of recommended readings and videos that showcase your expertise in today’s hottest business topics.

What’s in It for You?

Professionals like you, with expertise in one or more of the different business categories in the bluebottlebiz library, can create Paths that are a collection of chapters or excerpts taken from your own materials in the library. You can even choose to combine them with content from other authors with whom you share professional expertise.

These Discovery Paths are highly anticipated by bluebottlebiz clients and are sure to generate further interest in your expertise, plus additional revenue for your content in the library. Create your Discovery Paths today and promote your expertise, your work, and your personal brand.

What Do You Need to Do?

It’s quick and easy. In less than an hour (significantly less once you have in mind the content you want to include and how you plan to tie it together) you can create your own Discovery Path. All you need to do is follow these easy steps:

  1. Complete the attached template with the necessary details for your Discovery Path: Title, Summary (with a brief description of the content and what the reader can expect to learn), and a brief bio of yourself illustrating your expertise to the readers. Send the completed template to discovery@bluebottlebiz.com.
  2. Send the relevant image files: Personalize your Discovery Path by including a cover image (176 x 265 pixels) and a photo of yourself (129 x 93 pixels). Send these with the aforementioned template to the same email address discovery@bluebottlebiz.com.
  3. Create a bluebottlebiz project: Build your Discovery Path by first creating a “project.” Include in this project the elements (chapters, articles, videos, etc.) within the bluebottlebiz library that you want included in the Discovery Path, and be sure to add your corresponding notes and comments with each element. Important: Keep in mind that a reader must be able to complete a single Discovery Path in 90 minutes or less (usually between 4 and 6 elements).
  4. Share your project with bluebottlebiz: You can do this directly within the library when you create your “project.” Simply add discovery@bluebottlebiz.com as the email address under “Share by email” in the Project window.

If you’re not sure how to create a project in bluebottlebiz, you can watch this short video made especially for authors:


Still Have Questions?

bluebottlebiz has provided a technical support team who can answer your questions and will happily listen to your suggestions. Send mail anytime to discovery@bluebottlebiz.com

About bluebottlebiz

bluebottlebiz is the business-specialized digital library that provides monthly subscribers access to all the business books they need, anywhere and on any device.

Founded in October 2012 with private funding from a small, international group of investors, today bluebottlebiz has thousands of books, journals, and papers in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese contributed by more than 80 publishers worldwide.

With the goal of providing access to all the business knowledge you need, whenever and wherever you need it, bluebottlebiz strives to help individuals and organizations make better decisions and bring more value to their professional and personal endeavors.

bluebottlebiz is a global initiative with clients in Spain, Mexico, and Argentina. In 2014 this company opens operations in the United States and Great Britain.

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