How can you benefit?


If you are an author of a book on business, current affairs or similar, on this site you will find a reputable publisher for your language. These publishers have been selected by peers to represent each language in the most important international association of business books publishers.

By contracting with one of these publishers you will have easier access to publishers in the other languages and, therefore, a higher chance of getting your book published in languages other than your own.


If you are a literary agent, on this site you will find a reputable publisher specialised in business books for all the key languages.

Once you have sold a book to one publisher your chances of success with the others will increase significantly. Even if the first publisher you contact is not interested, since we know each other well, we can tell you who could be more interested in a particular title.

We collaborate with each other on titles for which various members have bought the rights so that, for example, for an Amercian author, we can organise one single trip to Europe to promote their book in say two or three different countries, this way saving on time and expenses for everyone. We also exchange marketing and promotional ideas always with the aim of increasing sales all round.


If you are a bookstore and interested in stocking books in another language, here you will find a list of relevant business publishers that could be of interest.


If you are a publisher and your language is already covered by a current member of BPR, sorry, we can only accept one publisher per language! However, you can always collaborate with that publisher for joint editions or contact the Secretary General of the association to show your interest in case there is an opportunity in the future.

If your language is still available you may wish to consider becoming a member in order to:

  • exchange ideas and information about new books from third parties, how well they are selling and so on.
  • buy rights on your own or together with other members and gain greater visibility with literary agents and foreign publishers.
  • sell rights to other members and to third parties more effectively and get help in promoting your own authors.
  • participate in projects supported by the association, e.g. the Best Business Books Prize or get the first option on specific projects organised by two or more members lsuch as the Books for Rookies project.

If you would like to know more you may contact any member directly or the Secretary General.


If you are a company or association looking to promote your ideas, projects or products on a international basis, a book can sometimes be the best means of achieving this.

You will be surprised as how effectively we can work together to prepare a full and comprehensive communication plan. Each member has considerable experience in promoting authors and ideas and through BPR you can easily tap into a wide network of resources.

If you have a target group in the world of between 1,000 and 100,000 persons, and a message to communicate that you wish to add an international flavour to, a book published simultaneously in several languages under a common marketing plan could easily be the most cost-effective and long-lasting instrument.

Each of us is a specialist in its own language and territory, so you can work through BPR to achive both a global and local presence. Please contact either the publisher in your country or the Secretary General.


Here you will find the contact details for a reputable publisher in each of the member countries. If you are looking for information on business books at an international level, or would like a quote from a business book in one of these languages, please contact the publisher of your choice from the member list.


If you are a translator, on this site you will find some publishers who may be interested in your services. Please contact the publisher for your language directly, stating that you got their contact details from the BPR website.


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