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THE IDEAS BOOK: 50 ways to generate ideas visually

Ideas have always been the fuel of business – it only takes one good one to make a difference. Distilled into this single, handy-sized volume are 50 of the most useful diagrams and visual techniques, many of which are used by consultants, academics, MBA students and smart managers globally to help them think of and create great ideas in business.

Structured into five key parts (preparing to create ideas; generating ideas; generating more ideas; judging ideas; enacting ideas), the 50 diagrams are each visually presented and then explained in an accessible manner, including tips and advice on how you can apply them to your own situations. The Ideas Book is the follow on to the bestselling The Diagrams Book (licensed to 7 countries).

About the author: Kevin Duncan is a business advisor, marketing expert and the author of several successful business books, including the bestselling The Diagrams Book (LID). He previously worked in the communications and advertising sector for over 25 years.

UK publication: July 2014.
Length: 128 pages.
Rights licensed: German.

THE IMPACT CODE: 50 ways to create impact and change at work

The best leaders and managers create change. They are able to create a vision, communicate an idea and in particular encourage action from others. What is it about these leaders and managers that makes others want to follow, engage and to act?

The term “IMPACT” describes the effect we have on those around us. Having impact expresses the collective impression left by our visual appearance, our presence, the way we connect with others and the lasting effect we have on people when we have left the room. This book provides 50 short but powerful ways to raise your impact level in business. Taken together, it forms a code to enable you to create response in others and to ensure that every encounter (within your company and outside of it) has the potential to bring something to you, whether that be financially, professionally or personally.

About the author: Simon Tyler is a much sought-after business coach and works with some of the world’s leading companies (BP, Cisco, Morgan Stanley, O2, Volkswagen, DuPont, Castrol).

UK publication: November 2014.
Length: 128 pages.


THE DARK SIDE OF BUSINESS: Stories and lessons from the shadowy underside of society

In a world constrained by rules, regulations and sanitisation, the imbalance between “haves” and “have nots” is growing, creating a disparate but influential and disenfranchised society far away from the mainstream. Despite the poverty, marginalisation, discrimination, hurdles and setbacks, these are the people who are optimally primed for their specific environment, and who are driving agile and innovative businesses out of necessity and fear.

Be it pirates, pimps, hackers, drug pushers, revolutionaries or insurgents, these are the uber entrepreneurs of the 21st century, sitting on the dark side of the mainstream, peddling their wares with morally grey outcomes but beating the establishment at their own game by operating outside of the rules. This is the story of those who operate on the dark side of business, and the lessons that mainstream business can learn from these formidable foes.

About the author: David James is professor of marketing at Hult Business School and is a regular media commentator on business and marketing issues.

UK publication: November 2014.
Length: 224 pages.

THE ENVIRONMENTAL CAPITALIST: Making billions by saving the planet

The new environmental hero is the capitalist, the entrepreneur. Self-confessed “environmental capitalist” Carl Hall argues we need changes on a large scale and the only system that can reliably deliver that is capitalism. A bad conscience or wanting to be “green” will never create scale. People will continue to say they want an environmental solution and then still pick the cheapest good in the super market. We need to turn to self-interest and the invisible hand. Treating environmental questions as something that can be solved by appealing to people’s good nature is a red herring.

In this controversial but inspiring book, Hall argues that capitalism is a system that can optimize anything we tell it to optimize, be it the most efficient refinery or the lowest cost windmill. For companies that are serious about addressing the challenges the world is facing, there are great opportunities to turn bold actions into profits. As Hall says, “Sustainability is the biggest business opportunity in the history of the world!”

About the author: Carl Hall is an entrepreneur and the founder of Alder, a private equity fund focused on growth companies in the clean technology industry.

UK Publication: July 2014
Length: 192 pages
Rights licensed: Swedish.


MANAGEMENT DESIGN: Managing organizations and people in turbulent times

Management in turbulent times needs change. This book offers an exciting visual-thinking approach to help managers, leaders and entrepreneurs think through their options and find a way that best meets the needs of their businesses, that supports their talent to perform at their peak, and simultaneously builds the capabilities to cope with turbulent times.

The author presents management as a system or a model through a combination of graphics, diagrams and text. Management models are immensely valuable and will enable managers to more easily think, make decisions, behave and act in line with the company’s overall strategy and objectives. Moreover, when management models are articulated and shared, it can save time, focus attention and release productive energy. This book essentially helps managers to gain a better perspective of their businesses and key activities. It becomes a valuable tool for managing companies and people in these ever-changing and turbulent times.

About the author: Lukas Michel is a management consultant of 30 years and has worked with several of the world’s leading companies. He is the founder of Agility Insights and author of The Performance Triangle.

UK Publication: November 2014.
Length: 224 pages.


WILLING BUT FLAWED: Leading organizations in the age of connection

Instability, disturbance, emergence, networks, informal learning, trial, error, adaptability, low growth, fluctuation and momentum – these are the experiences that are increasingly dominating the lives of today’s business leaders and managers. There is a growing awareness that the old ways and constructs (driven by planning, accountability, perfection, size, profit) are no longer working as effectively as we wish.

This book represents a manifesto for leading organizations in the post-industrial age. Managers who want to survive – and perhaps even succeed – need to adopt a completely different mindset and set of habits, as well as learn new ways to relate to and lead people. Managers in the post-industrial age will be nervous and anxious, but this book provides the inspiration to accept failure and imperfection as the way to navigate the changing nature of business and organizations. Written with passion and insight, and containing honest and real cases, the author makes a case for courage, authenticity and resilience as the key attributes of tomorrow’s manager.

About the author: Khurshed Dehnugaru is the founder of Relume, a consultancy that specializes in working with challenger companies, and is the author of The Challenger Spirit.

UK Publication: October 2014.
Length: 208 pages.

MODERN EFFECTIVE COACHING: The principles and art of successful business coaching

Written by one of the world’s leading business coaches, this book provides authoritative and proven guidance and techniques for any manager, executive or indeed coach who wants to bring out the full potential of their employees and clients through coaching.

Individual performance is a cornerstone of corporate performance and the need to achieve more – be that productivity or innovation – from fewer is becoming increasingly vital. Coaching is a demonstrably successful approach to helping individuals to perform to higher levels. This book aims to develop managers and executives into great coaches, who can transform the performance of individuals and teams in their organizations. The author looks at the art of coaching from different perspectives and provides practical tips and models (such as the “Spectrum of Coaching Skills” and “GROW”). It also includes sample dialogues of how to handle various coaching phases and situations.

About the author: Myles Downey is the founder of The School of Coaching, and was part of the team that established The Alexander Corporation in 1987, which was acknowledged by The Economist Intelligence Unit as “the leading provider of executive coaching in Europe”.

UK publication: September 2014.
Length: 224 pages.

MY STEAM ENGINE IS BROKEN: Transforming your organisation for the Age of Ideas

The typical structure of today’s corporate organization was essentially invented in the nineteenth century and based deliberately on the military’s “command and control” model and on the hierarchical pyramid of the Catholic Church. As such, it is outmoded and not equipped to deliver corporate success in the 21st century.

My Steam Engine is Broken calls on a new generation of organizational leaders to stop trying to fix a broken and outmoded structure, and to create new, successful working structures that work with, not against, people’s natural modes of behaviour. The authors explore the way in which the Steam Engine organizational model is no longer offering job satisfaction to its managers precisely (and paradoxically) because managers are not being enabled, and are often being prevented, from delivering what the organization most needs from them: self-direction, innovation, leadership and heartfelt commitment. This forward-thinking and important book is arranged around 12 chapters, each highlighting a particular paradox: things that modern organizations do that prevent their members from behaving in ways that would give them a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment in their work and which – paradoxically – are the sorts of behaviour that would produce the kind of outcomes that modern organizations most need.

About the authors: Mark Powell is a Partner at AT Kearney consultancy and Jonathan Gifford is a business coach, both specializing in change management and executive development.

UK publication: September 2014
Length: 224 pages


EXPLOSION: What the Internet is now doing to us personally – in a public and private way

The realm of the “personal” is now increasingly touched by technology – especially the Internet. For example, sleep is now something we do in between checking our smartphones. Our relationship to food and eating has changed too. Home delivery, restaurant search, table bookings, diet management, cooking – these have all been elevated to a high level skill-set which is part-entertainment, part-electronic processing. And travel is now a finger-clicking exercise with precision timing.

This original book, by a radical thinker, provides an important perspective on the Internet and how it has shaped society and our lives. This readjustment of our daily routine has had one significant effect: it has taught individuals a range of skills that would normally be in the domain of businesses. Ordinary people now behave as businesses do by using buying strategies to get costs down. We now have expectations of quality and delivery. There are no barriers between work and life anymore. And we have become so business-like as individuals that marketers need to get rid of the processes of “Business-to-Consumer” communication, and begin to adopt and adapt the rules of “Business-to-Business” when talking to consumers. Such change of our lives is an explosion of the new – new thinking, new business, new relationships, new selling, new buying, new leisure, new humans.

About the author: Andy Law is one of the world’s most respected and radical thinkers and practitioners in marketing and business. He is the author of Open Mind and Implosion.

UK publication: October 2014.
Length: 160 pages.

REINVENTING CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT: The winning business model for future banks and insurers

The financial services industry is undergoing huge change, as retail banks, investment banks and insurance companies come out of the financial crisis and plan for a better future. This book, written by two of the most important consultants in the industry, provides the latest thinking on financial services and the key factors that will drive success.

The authors interview leading executives from a range of financial service companies, to help them determine what business models will create the best revenue streams in the future. In particular, they focus on the importance of putting customers first and creating engaging customer experiences. For anyone working in financial services, this book will be essential reading.

About the authors: Roger Peverelli is a partner at VODW and Reggy de Feniks is founding partner of 9Senses. They are recognized as two of the most influential consultants in financial services and co-authored the bestselling Reinventing Financial Services (Pearson) which was translated into 7 languages.

UK Publication: October 2014
Length: 256 pages


YOUR LIFE – YOUR KEY BUSINESS: A proven method for achieving personal and professional success

“Indispensable for anyone looking to define their life purpose” – Roger Enrico, Chairman of Dreamworks Animation.

At one point, the Dalai Lama was asked what surprised him the most about humanity. He answered: “Mankind…because they lose their health to make money, then they lose money to recover their health. And since they are so anxious about the future, they do not enjoy the present, which means that they live neither in the present nor the future. They live as if they will never die…and they die as if they had never lived.” What must be done to give context, purpose and meaning to life and to achieve fulfilment? This is the answer that everyone is searching for, but few ever find because they do not devote the time and perseverance required.

In this bestselling book (originally released in Latin America), the author argues that we are all capable of mastering our own life and giving it a full meaning – especially if we were to do so with the same strength and perseverance we apply in our companies and jobs! Establishing a life plan and managing it with the same determination as you do in work, and treating your life as your main business, is the key to ensuring “happiness is a journey, not a destination”.

About the author: Salvador Alva is the president of Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico. He was previously the president of PepsiCo Latam.

US Publication: July 2014.
Length: 224 pages.


ELEPHANTS DON’T FLY: What to do in hard times

Suddenly, you wake up and notice that everything has changed. Something keeps you from moving forward. You can’t quite distinguish what that “thing” is, but you know it has entered into your life. What can you do when life has changed your plans? You have succumbed to illness, or you are in the midst of a relationship breakdown or divorce, or you have just lost your job, or you are in debt, or simply, something is causing you discomfort, just like having a small stone getting into your shoe. Life is full of ups and many downs. But how is it that some people manage to emerge relatively unscathed from crises when others are bogged down for the rest of their lives?

Through the metaphor of elephants, this book presents an inspiring and often amusing guide to what to do in difficult times. The author argues that behind every crisis, there is a perfect plan. This seems to be proven by the lives of elephants, one of Earth’s great survivors. For people, it is also often a question of retaining balance in our lives, even in times of adversity.

About the author: David Montalvo is an inspirational speaker and writer. For the past 12 years, he has devoted much of his time to investigating the development of human beings especially in times of adversity.

Manuscript available in Spanish.
Length: 192 pages.
Spring 2014

RETHINKING LUXURY: How to market exclusive products in an ever-changing environment

The luxury market has long been the exception. Protected for decades – and even centuries – from swings in economic fate and taste by consumers with money and demands for something extraordinary. But the world is changing, and those changes have already initiated some of the first-ever structural changes to the once-untouchable luxury market.

Rethinking Luxury paints a roadmap for the future of marketing to the rich and super-wealthy. Written by experts in the sector, the book combines broad strategic knowledge with probing sector research. It couples scientific research documenting the transformation with exclusive insider information. Case studies highlight what works now and what’s likely to continue working in the future. This important work will become the handbook of how to win the attention of affluent consumers and ignite their passion for rare and bespoke products.

About the authors: Martin C. Wittig is CEO and Fabian Sommerrock is a principal of renowned international consultancy firm Roland Berger. Markus Albers is a contributing editor at leading lifestyle magazine Monocle and author of Meconomy.

UK publication: April 2014.
Length: 256 pages.
Rights licensed: Russian.


NOT KNOWING: The art of turning uncertainty into opportunity

Knowledge and expertise are highly valued in today’s business world. These values are introduced at an early age by our education system, and at work, we are assessed based on what we know, on having the answers and solutions. Our need for certainty, to know what’s going on, to have all the answers, exerts strong pressure in our lives.

This important book offers an alternative, contrarian approach to dealing with such pressures – and to embrace “not knowing” rather than fearing it. The authors argue it is by “not knowing” that we in fact develop an exploratory mindset, and we discover, engage and create new ways to deal with business and management problems and issues. The book is supported by stories of individuals and the positive change they made in their lives through “not knowing”. Solving new problems with old ways of thinking are no longer useful in the new world, and this book will lead you on a journey into this space of not-knowing, encouraging and supporting an exploratory mind-set, so that you may experience facing the unknown differently and thrive.

About the authors: Steven D’Souza is an Executive Fellow for IE Business School, a consultant and the author of the bestselling Brilliant Networking (Pearson). Diana Renner is senior facilitator and coach with Social Leadership Australia.

UK Publication: May 2014.
Length: 224 pages.


IN THE SHOWER WITH PICASSO: Sparking your creativity and imagination

The legendary artist Pablo Picasso took baths when he was in need of new ideas for his work. Other people take walks in the park or visit an art gallery or watch Youtube – in an attempt to spark their creativity and imagination. This book inspires us to work harder with our creativity – both as individuals and companies.

Being creative is now critical in our careers, but most people regard creativity as somewhat mystical, slippery and a rare entity. In fact, all of us are capable of creativity – if that is what we want. Often, it is about having the right mindset and finding the right spark to set off your creativity. This book contains wonderful stories from Scandinavia of people from different backgrounds from – opera, architecture, science, art, drugs, sport, toys, film, technology – and how they find and use their creativity. It includes practical tips and tricks to help you lead a more creative and imaginative life at work and home.

About the authors: Christian Stadil is the head of global sportswear brand Hummel and one of Europe’s most charismatic business leaders. Lene Tanggaard is a professor of psychology at the University of Aalborg, Denmark.

UK Publication: June 2014.
Length: 224 pages.
Rights licensed: Korean, Complex Chinese, Danish.

THE CONSCIOUS LEADER: 9 principles and practices to create a wide-awake and productive workplace

As the author says: “I have spent a lifetime studying the psychology of people and work, marvelling at how much trouble we can get into when we don’t understand ourselves and what makes other people tick.”

The Conscious Leader brings you the nine principles and practices needed to create a wide-awake and productive workplace. Doing business today requires navigating the psychological terrain of people at work: egos that run amok and put personal success ahead of corporate achievement; palpable, underlying anger that surfaces in response to company policies; ill treatment by one particular manager, or your own grandstanding; and fear so contagious that people spend most of their time trying to keep their jobs instead of doing their jobs. In the incredible pressure cooker that is the modern workplace, how do you keep your eyes on a ball that is increasingly invisible? By understanding basic psychology of people at work, you can gain the essential knowledge needed to create a more successful and productive team.

About the author: Dr Shelley Reciniello is a corporate psychologists who has spent 33 years working with organizations and executives in the US, Europe and Asia.

US publication: June 2014.
Length: 240 pages.

WINNER TAKES ALL: The seven-and-a-half principles for winning bids, tenders and proposals

These days, most companies find themselves having to tender or bid for new contracts and clients. It’s now part of the business landscape – companies simply have to be good at tendering and pitching if they are going to have any chance of getting new business and clients.

This book, written by one of the leading consultants and trainers in competitive business tendering, provides the key principles for winning bids, tenders and proposals. Savvy and practical, the principles are based on the author’s extensive consulting experience with large and small companies, helping them to win big-ticket, “must-win” contracts (with a success rate of 86%!). These essential principles apply to any company, in all sectors, which are seeking to improve their new-business win rate.

About the author: Scott Keyser is an independent consultant and expert in helping companies win big contracts. His clients include The Economist, PWC, Allen & Overy and Haymarket.

UK Publication: March 2014.
Length: 224 pages.


ONLY CONNECT: The art of corporate storytelling

A coherent story can make you better understood, believed in and trusted. So why is the business world only just discovering its power? This book draws on the psychology, history, and of course, the greatest works, of storytelling to show how modern businesses can communicate more effectively and creatively.

Robert Mighall explains why story has a universal power to move people. He shows how to build a compelling core story, and apply that across a range of communications. And he demonstrates how trends in social media and content marketing are making this most ancient communication art ever more urgently relevant. What the corporate world needs most, story does best: establish the human connections upon which trust is build. And this book explains how.

About the author: Robert Mighall is a former Oxford Fellow in English Literature turned brand consultant. He has worked with leading companies to create compelling stories about their brands. He was also previously editor of the Penguin Classics list.

UK Publication: January 2014.
Length: 224 pages.


IT’S NEVER OK TO KISS THE INTERVIEWER…and other secrets to success and happiness at work

Savvy, practical and contemporary, this book is for anyone who wants to progress and be happy and successful in their working life. Be it school leaver, university graduate or existing employee looking to drive their career forward – this book offers a refreshing approach to an everyday subject; one which is becoming more and more critical as unemployment figures grow.

The book takes the practical, fun and easy to digest approach; it uses real life examples and proven methods to help the reader gain direction and focus in their career. It aims to make individuals more employable by changing attitudes and behaviours along the entire employment journey. And it is practical and based on real life examples and simple tips and techniques that work in practice.

About the author: Jane Sunley founded a successful recruitment agency, is a career mentor to a range of people, and is currently the CEO of PurpleCubed, a consultancy specializing in people engagement.

UK publication: January 2014.
Length: 208 pages.
Rights licensed: India.


20/20: Twenty great lists by twenty outstanding business thinkers

20 thought-leading authors have been invited to contribute to this unique business self-help book – a collection of 20 lists, with each list containing points of advice based on each author’s area of expertise.

The world-class contributors include Dave Ulrich – consistently ranked the most influential HR thinker on the planet – Andy Law – former chairman of St Luke’s, described by the Harvard Business Review as the “scariest company in the world” – John Grant – the godfather of modern marketing – and Kevin Duncan – bestselling author of The Diagrams Book. Psychologists, business professors, industry leaders and company directors share their unique, savvy and rich ideas and views on work and life in this rare collection.
About the editor: David Woods is editor in chief of global business journal Dialogue and a multi-award winning writer and journalist in his own right, having previously been deputy editor of HR magazine and online editor of PRWeek

UK publication: April 2014.
Length: 192 pages.



Retailing around the world is undergoing huge change, and as a result, the sector is experiencing some of the most interesting and challenging times in its history. The most profound shift is the rise of the Internet economy and the digitally-enabled consumer. This book provides expert analyses of the modern retail sector and argues that retailers should not simply act differently in response to this shift, but they should also think differently and even challenge the organisational and cultural structures on which they have been traditionally built.

Written by one of the leading consultancy firms in the retail sector, each expert in this book examines the fundamental changes brought about by the digital consumer and the related shifts in the retail sector, and offers practical and pragmatic advice, thus making it essential reading for retail executives.

About the editors: Brian Kalms is a Partner at Elix-IRR consultancy firm and leads its Retail Practice. Oliver Freestone, also at Elix-IRR, specialises in digital transformation and multinational technology in retail.

UK publication: March 2014.
Length: 160 pages.


CORPORATE REPUTATION: The scientific evidence behind corporate reputation management

Reputation is a strategic asset for all companies. Businesses with a good reputation are able to stand out, attracting the attention of investors and retaining the loyalty of customers and employees.

“Reputation” can be somewhat of a vague form, but this book provides measurement tools and models for rigorous management of a company’s reputation. Written by three leading practitioners and thinkers, this is a definitive and modern handbook to help companies and executives manage their corporate reputation and brand in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

About the authors: Angel Alloza is the CEO of Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership, a leading consultancy in corporate reputation. Enrique Carreras is a professor and Ana Carreras is a researcher at the CEU San Pablo University in Madrid.
UK publication: March 2014.
Length: 354 pages.

THE DIAGRAMS BOOK: 50 ways to solve any problem visually

“Here’s a visual language that can be used to make one’s case and win respect.” – Marketing magazine.

People find it difficult to express ideas and solve problems purely with words. They find it much easier to use diagrams. Distilled into this single, handy-sized volume are 50 of the most useful diagrams, which are used by consultants, academics, MBA students and smart managers globally to aid their problem-solving and thinking. Triangle and pyramids, grids and axes, timelines, flows and concepts, circles – the 50 diagrams are each visually presented and then explained in an accessible manner, including tips and advice on how you can apply them to your own situations. This is a unique and practical guide to solving business problems by using diagrams and visual thinking techniques.

About the author: Kevin Duncan is a business advisor, marketing expert and the author of several successful business books. He previously worked in the advertising sector for 25 years.

Length: 128 pages.
Rights licensed: Thai, Japanese, Korean, Complex Chinese, Simplified Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian, India.

THE PRISONER AND THE PENGUIN: and 69 other marketing stories

“Strong brands increasingly reflect strong cultures that are enriched and empowered by the stories they tell. This is a unique and bite-size collection of some of the best stories told by a great storyteller” – Stephen Meade, CEO, McCann Enterprise.

The power of a good story has long been recognized. It seems that, as a race, we humans love a good story. But stories aren’t just for pure enjoyment – they have always been a powerful tool for teaching.

This book is an alternative to the traditional marketing handbook. Rather than a textbook, it is an enjoyable “story-book” that brings to life some of the key principles of marketing in an easy-to-read, accessible form. The book contains 70 short stories from the world of marketing. “The Prisoner and the Penguin” story relates to Terry Waite, the English humanitarian who, when kidnapped and held captive in Lebanon, asked his guards for a book with a picture of a penguin on the spine – ie, any book published by Penguin, which he was sure would be interesting to read. Some of these stories are quite remarkable and almost unbelievable; but all are true and remind marketers and businesspeople that the best marketing is something which people tell others about and retell over many years.

About the author: Giles Lury is the Executive Chairman of The Value Engineers, a leading marketing and advertising agency.

Length: 160 pages.
Rights licensed: Japanese, Korean, Thai, Italian, India.

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